St Leonard’s Churchyard Regulations.

A churchyard is a place where we come and remember loved ones, often with deep pain in our hearts but at other times thankful for the times shared, the love we received and the memories we have.

In the Bible Jesus Christ was placed in a grave but returned to life again three days later and he gave us hope. A graveyard is, therefore, a place of memory and of hope: this place is not the end for our loved ones who believe in Christ; there is life to come.

We have certain Church of England rules to enable our churchyards to be places of beauty and comfort for those who visit:

1) After the service of burial all floral tributes, wreaths and arrangements should be removed no more than one month after the service.

2) All memorials and additional inscriptions must have the written consent of the Vicar or Archdeacon or faculty approval.

3) No kerbs, railings, chippings or other  additions  shall be included with any memorial or headstone.

4) No free-standing vases, flower-pots or other containers are allowed as part of churchyard memorials. Flowers can only be placed in the tablet vase.

5) Photographs are not allowed as part of churchyard memorials.

6) No other tributes, e.g. toys, lanterns with chimes, etc., may be placed upon the graves.

7) Small flower arrangements may be placed within the permitted vase which forms part of the memorial stone and lies flat with the stone.

8) It is the responsibility of the family to remove any dead leaves and plants and to dispose of them.

9) No artificial flowers are permitted except in the case of Remembrance Day poppies and Christmas wreaths. These poppies and wreaths should be removed within four weeks of being laid.

General Notes                 

The Churchyard is closed for full interments; interments in re-opened graves only are allowed.

Interments of newly cremated remains are only allowed in the cremated remains area  in the lower Churchyard near the Church Road exit. The ‘Easter Garden’ by the Church Car Park is full and only interments in existing graves is allowed.

New graves are restricted to people living or dying within the parish or having their names on the electoral roll at the time of their death. Any other requests are at the discretion of the incumbent.

Guidelines for memorials: all new memorials must be 18” x 18” max. flat tablets, fully honed/ unpolished, no black/ dark grey granite, no silver/ gold lettering.

Important Notes

In the Churchyards which are closed, Telford and Wrekin Council are responsible for the general maintenance, including paths and the mowing of grass. Given the scale of the task, areas around closely packed graves may not always be mown. Neither the Council nor the Church can take responsibility for this.

Whilst the Church does whatever it can to protect the Churchyard area, the Vicar and Churchwardens cannot accept responsibility for any vandalism by people or damage by local animals caused to the plants, memorials, etc. in the churchyard.

Whilst the Church seeks to respect the wishes of families, the Church reserves the right to remove any items from a grave which do not fall within the guidelines laid out in this document, in order to retain the stated aims of retaining the Churchyard as a place of quiet comfort. In such situations, where and when possible, due warning will be given to the families of the interred.

The PCC and the Council appreciate the assistance of relatives in maintaining the standard of this Churchyard. Any permanent alterations to the appearance of graves must have the permission of the Vicar and PCC and if such permission is not sought, additions or alterations will have to be removed in keeping with The Diocese’s Churchyard Regulations.

A copy of the full Central Telford Churches’ Policy Document is available in the church for consultation on request.