Knit & Natter Group

Knit and Natter!

This knitting group meets on Thursday afternoons from 1 – 3.30 pm.

Its main aim is to offer fellowship and friendship to anyone who wants to come and knit with us. We also want to make use of the church space for the wider community in accordance with the terms of the funding grant for the improvements to the church building.

Although we have taken on charitable knitting projects like items for the Christmas boxes, outfits for new-born Ugandan babies and school jumpers for deprived African children, there is no pressure on members to do other than their own knitting.

We chat, swap tips on anything – including knitting! – and generally have a good laugh. Over the weeks – and tea-cups – we have become good friends and really enjoy each other’s company.

There is no charge for coming and all knitters are welcome to come or not, for some or all of the time available, just as they please with no need to feel they have to apologise if they miss any meetings at any time.

Donations of double knitting yarn for the charity projects is always welcome and we particularly need dark grey wool for the school jumpers.


4 comments on “Knit & Natter Group

  1. We are moving house this week and I have had to sort out all the wool. I have a couple of bin bags full if you would like them for your charity work, but will need to be collected asap, before they get taken to the tip on Wednesday. There are all ply’s of wool, some full balls, some part balls and some smaller amounts. Please get in contact – would hate this lot to go to landfill if others could make use of it.

    Jayne Summers

  2. Thank you for your offer! The person you will need to get in contact with is Gillian. You can find her every Sunday here at St Leonards Church from 11am.


    • Sorry if this has been waiting a long time for reply.
      Yes, the Knit and Natter group is still going strong on Thursday afternoons from 1 – 3.30 pm.
      Do encourage your mother to come along and make new friends.
      Best Wishes from Daphne, 11th August, 2017.

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