General Information

Visitors to this web site can find out what is going on by looking at the current “Next Week in St Leonard’s Church” post. This is useful for checking up on when our clubs and groups are meeting and any events in the near future.

Urgent requests for information can be made to the churchwardens, Jane Hill or Julie Stanley, by email at or, if a priest is needed, to

For enquiries about the churchyard, please see the page on “St Leonard’s Churchyard Regulations.” You will see that it is now a closed churchyard for new burials, except cremated remains in the new plot near the Church Road exit. This means that the council maintains the main churchyard. Following recent comments on the Easter Garden for cremated remains, which is also now closed, it was carefully tidied and ways to keep it tidy in the future are being investigated. The responsibility for keeping the individual graves tidy rests with the family.

Unfortunately, we do not hold a comprehensive list of burial plots. To check if your family member is buried here you can go to the web site .

For enquiries about baptisms and weddings, please look at the individual pages that give you all the information you need without having to wait for replies to feedback.

If there is any other information you think should be given here, please let me know and I will try to include it.