Mega Makers Holiday Club continues

“Mega Makers make it mega! Mega makers start the machine!The Mega Machine makes things bigger bigger!”

Yup, day 3 of our holiday club and the daily workout to our club song ‘Mega Maker’ continues, as does our great ‘wide and long and high and deep’… So today – some powerful storytelling about Jesus, parachute games outside, different exercises and some good and terrible jokes, as well as dropping eggs from a great height to see if we made them secure enough to survive the drop… 50% of the eggs didn’t manage it! Stronger and Stronger was our theme today and tomorrow it is greater and greater.

Part of each morning, we listen to some dvd input and here is a sample from the two presenters – Gemma who is known from CBeebies and Swashbuckle and Bob, who has written the Storyteller Bible…




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