Alpha is coming

Alpha is coming soon!

The Alpha Course logo

The Alpha Course logo

At the moment we are getting things ready for our upcoming Alpha Course which begins this coming Wednesday. It is being run by a team made up of people from both St John’s Lawley and here at St Leonard’s. I’m looking forward to it. It will run on Wednesday evenings and also a shortened (in time) during the day also on Wednesdays.

We’ve shared about Alpha within both churches encouraging people that this course may be the right time or right type for them. But also it is a course for people who may have never gone to church or perhaps stopped going for different reasons years ago.

It is great for those who maybe are parents or godparents and who want to know more about what they can share with their godchildren or children about being a Christian. Great for those who are preparing to be confirmed in a church or thinking about confirmation.

So open to all. We’ll wait and see how many come and who comes. If you are reading this and would like to know more, check out our page on Alpha or the national Alpha Website – there is a link on this site to it.


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