The week to Easter…

Palm Cross

Palm Cross

Today is Palm Sunday. I realised over the past few weeks doing school assemblies that the palm crosses we give out have three meanings. I know the fact that it is a palm cross reminds people of when Jesus entered Jerusalem that final time before his later arrest, trial and death. Of how when Jesus entered on a donkey – he’d walked always but now made that statement by coming in on a donkey, and not just any animal, but he came in on a donkey purposefully than a horse – people waved palm branches before him.

And of course, the second
meaning is how it is a palm cross – reminding us of how the crowds cheers of welcome changed from cheers to jeers and mockery and cries of ‘crucify him’ which led to Jesus Christ being killed on a cross outside Jerusalem.

But the third meaning which may be a little artificial but works for me, is how the palm cross is an empty one, there is no model of a man on it. An empty cross, and later an empty tomb – how Jesus was raised to life, as Christians believe, a few days after his death by Roman execution.

We did the Bible readings from the book of Mark, of those last 24 hours in church today. First time we’d done it since I have been here. I think people did well. There is something about hearing the whole story of those hours. And by using different voices brings those different characters alive. And when watching it, and seeing the person playing Jesus not saying anything when he is being interrogated by Pilate or the crowds…I think there is something that drama does, connects much more with our emotions, as well as what we see, hear…

This week, there will be different events going on which people can plug into, different ways to think about and appreciate the events of Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter. Services here at Church, a Walk of Witness with other local churches on the morning of Good Friday, a Dawn Service – 6am – in the Telford Town Park, having communion as sun comes up… I guess wherever we are, Holy Week is a chance to take a little extra time to go a bit deeper in our faith as Christians…


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