Seeing and understanding…

First days in February. A cold morning, and everyone is talking about the coming snow over the next few days. But when I think about it, when Jesus was born, there seems to have been expectations of what God’s Promised King would be like. Yet, in the readings we used today, from Luke 2:22-40, it is two elderly faithful believers in God who see who the King is – a baby boy, only 6 weeks old. I guess with our expectations we can miss what God is really doing…We have a Church Council meeting this week, hoping we don’t miss what direction God is leading or what God is doing among us…

Earlier in the week, there was a lot about the Radio 4 program about “The Most Godless Town in Britain.” All about Telford, and focused on Mark Berry’s work in a joint Church Mission Society + Church of England Project. Mark is a friend and I think he is doing a good job, but I am not sure if the program reflected that, nor showed what mission is meant to be all about – it has been called Holistic Mission or Integral Mission. Mission is more than simply getting people into a house or a church. I felt a bit sad for Telford – being called godless is a bit unfair. It creates images of Telford simply to be a place you drive by and don’t want to live in!  And it does mix up the idea that to be religious is the same as being spiritual, but people may have no interest in traditional church yet may very strongly believe that there is a God, ‘an Other’…Channel Four’s last program on Christianity will interview Mark again and Bishop Alan about the future prospects of Christianity in this country… I think the last program is in March…


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